Afrodita Roa Spa: Afrodite’s Beauty in Hospitality

The most atmospheric “once upon a time” of Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel fairytale commences here.

Afrodita Roa Spa is the “heart of the hotel” and concurrently the place where the concept of Wellness Tourism is inaugurated in Greece. It is all about a journey that aims to increase the euphoria and quality of life and to improve health psychologically, physically and spiritually. It places an emphasis on prevention rather than on treatment (medical tourism).

The names of the cabins of the 1800sq.m. spa, one of the largest and most impressive wellness and revitalization centers in the Mediterranean, are inspired by the daughters of Antiquity, Iaso, Gaia, Harmony, Hebe, Naiad, Calypso, highlighting the ancient Greek inklings and mythological influences of the hotel.

The spa is divided into six zones: the reception area, the waiting and relaxation area, the gym with its own vitamin bar, the spa park, the treatment cabins, the beauty salon, the wellness center. The services that it offers are extended and distinctive; they are discernible in three major categories:

a) Holistic massage treatments and facial and body treatments with ESPA products (Maternity-specialized massage treatment called “Mother-to-be”, saffron massage, even child therapies that our guests oftentimes choose for their children so as to discuss with them the importance of body care, b) Facial and body treatments with wellness machines (wellness) (acoustic wave therapy, dry and wet capsule, floatation therapy, an innovative relaxation system on a heated layer with water that creates the feeling of floatation etc.), c) Facial and body treatments with thalassotherapy products that contain marine elements necessary for the human body.

Moreover, an ice fountain where you can energize your body with ice, a Salt Cave with a lined wall of Himalayan salt that creates a natural microclimate of underground treatment caves, the Afrodite’s rain after the peelings, the Pebbles Path (a Reflexology system), the largest Byzantine hamam in Greece (70 sq. meters) as well as the Egyptian spa Razul (Spa Park).

At every nook and corner of the health and wellness center, the guest is invited to discover a singularity: the waterfall in the saltwater swimming pool, the water of which streams from a 50m depth fountain, the Kneip concept or the mechanism of reverse swimming that creates opposite flow and wave at the bottom of the pool to resemble sea conditions when the weather does not allow training / swimming in the sea.

The special touches are continued with hand-made design details, sophisticated scents, earthly fruits and textures, involving all the senses in this uniquely told tale of rebirth: the visual effect of a “sky with stars” on the roof, eucalyptus, orange and mint aromas in the steam bath and showers (hot tropical shower and cool tropical fog shower), architectural motifs reminiscent of Mount Olympus…

At the same time, the treatments reverberate the latest concept of beauty and wellness that McCann Group named “Whole Beauty”, which is based on the four pillars of beauty: 1) the basic beauty (the skin care); 2) the Cosmetic Beauty (color cosmetic), 3) the Wellness Beauty (fitness, nutrition, quality sleep) and 4) the Emotional Beauty (self-confidence, charisma).

The wellness experience is complemented by 5 specialized medi-spa offices, retail products of beauty, rejuvenation and cosmetology that guests may find at the spa reception while this year we are delighted to announce our collaboration with the leading spa company ESPA in signature treatments in our spa menu as well as in retail products.

Harmony, Well-being, Abundance, Rejuvenation, Love… words built in Afrodita Roa Spa that during its construction, in the process of cutting marbles, the builders distinguished a natural motif – the pomegranate, symbol of these words from the ancient years…

Words built on Hospitality, or otherwise, words built on Pomegranate.

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