“Hermes”: Taste secrets unfolded before the view of mount Athos

In the dining venues of the hotel, the Greek flavor is redefined with local touches, Mediterranean flavors and gastronomic imagination.
Impression is created by the long salt & pepper shakers at the Gourmet Restaurant “Hermes”, that have been custom ordered to facilitate the waiter to keep a distance from the guest’s dish. There the guest can enjoy a special ritual with products and techniques imported from Mount Athos. Besides, the restaurant is situated in an upper space (1st floor of the main building of the hotel) that faces the autonomous theocratic polity of Athos.
The Executive Chef of the hotel, Mr. George Papadopoulos, having participated in many feasts on the peninsula of Athos, being a visitor of Mount Athos from his childhood and having cooked at Ecumenical Patriarch’s, Bartholomew’s, visit to it, attempts this year to combine spirituality with gastronomy. Each day, he guides the guests of Pomegranate to a world of flavors where textures combine with freshness, where the fruits of the earth and the gastronomy meet concepts such as “religion, love, values, care, family” and exude these.
The choice of the raw materials that he uses come directly from the “Holy Mountain”: Carob Honey from the Monastery of Holy Archangels, Saint Nikolaos Holly Cell Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive from the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi  as well as Olive oil, Wines, Seabream, Handmade pasta, Frumenty, Saffron, Honey, a variety of Herbal salt and Laurel oil. Besides, all the aromatics derive from the 15 acres garden of the hotel.
The selectivity of the products meet in this way the religious habits and cues in a result that thrills the taste and the heart.
At the same time, another uniqueness of the dining experience of “HERMES” is that nobody will seat in the chair that you were seated that evening. Moreover, reservations are made every quarter of the hour abiding by the Swiss hôtellerie tradition so as to ensure the unswerving dedication of the staff to guests.
The taste secrets are crystallized with a rich collection of wines from the indigenous vineyards and with drinks from all over the world that give their aromas and palatable beauty to the Northern Greek hospitality.
Your very own hospitality storyworld made of divine tastes…Hermes Restaurant

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