Pomegranate Water Fountain: Your Personalized Aquatic Show

They do say that love comes in the simplest things yet in “wow” moments too. That was the very motto- springboard for the design and construction of our signature water fountain that entrances all of our guests- grownups and kids- every night at 21.30.


The water fountain; a dancer made of water, dressed in aquatic pointes … The water fountain of the hotel is an artwork itself, a European innovation with the capacity of video projection on the water. The show becomes even more spectacular with the addition of 3D patterns, holograms and a mesmerizing laser show that colors the sky in unprecedented beauty.


Here the guests have the opportunity to display the photo of their beloved person on the occasion of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, milestone days like the engagement of a couple etc., enriching in a unique way this moment of holidays and life. The performance starts and your beloved one does not know that in a couple of minutes will watch on the screen his face along with yours. This “wow” story is oftentimes accompanied with drone videography that captures 4K and 360° your very special personalized event or even with a birthday cake, fireworks on the beach and balloons that people hold in their hands and unleash at the moment when your song starts playing.


Pomegranate Water Fountain is the result of an amalgamation of the three most renowned technology behemoths pertinent to water, art, laser and projection: the Spanish company GHESA, the German company for Laser show LPS as well as BARCO brand, supplier of the projector display on the water.

With the combination of the three of them, our IT team, developed a signature software & hardware, an one-of-a-kind patented technology.

The customization opportunities of this (Birthday song with personal photos, individual water choreography with the song of your predilection, wedding song that serenades you on one of the most important days in your life etc) make every guest feel he is the only one in the hotel; unique and well cared.

The realm of surprise is enhanced even more with the opportunity offered to write a personalized song solely for your private event as well as with the synchronization of the music, which combines precisely and spatiotemporally each water burst with the musical note; an aquatic choreography articulated in a magnificent spectacle infused with state-of-the-art technology.

It is true that we all have stories to tell. And we are all in love affair with them. Vacations are some of our favorite chapters. When these get personalized through “wow” factors such as the water fountain, then, well, we find some of our most favorite life stories to recite again and again…Have you imagined your very own Pomegranate Water Fountain wow tale?

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