6 Reasons to #ExplorePomegranate

1. The gardens

Our gardens boast more than 10.000 flowers. With seeds imported from Spain, Holland and Italy, the green parts of our hotel are gorgeously ornamented. Discover them on your own and shoot that postcard photo!

Our gardens boast more than 10.000 flowers

2. The water fountain

The water fountain; a dancer made of water, dressed in acquatic pointes … The water fountain of the hotel is an artwork itself, a European innovation with the capacity of video projection on the water. Here the guests have the opportunity to display the photo of their beloved person in the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries etc., enriching in a unique way this moment of holiday and life.

Let its magic serenade you on one of the most important days in your life…

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The water fountain

3. The kids’ polices

It is priority of our hotel policies to cater for mothers and their babies. The unique Kids Club, “Pomeland”, the kids parties and the baby food that is prepared upon your order, free of charge every day, and is delivered to your room are just some hints of our love for the cookies of life, our little friends. This mentality is also beautifully represented in a very distinctive product that you can find at our Boutique, the “Kourotrofos” (meaning bearing the baby) ancient figurine. Made of clay, it is dated back to 4800-4500 BC. The mother, ready to breastfeed, sits with her baby on the chair in the most intimate moment that a mother and a kid could ever share.

The kids’ polices

4. The spa

Discover the true essence of mental, body, and emotional rejuvenation at Afrodita Roa Spa.

Harmony, Well-being, Abundance, Rejuvenation, Love, words built in Afrodita Roa Spa that during its construction, in the process of cutting marbles, the builders

Afrodita Roa Spa

distinguished a natural motif – the pomegranate, symbol of these words from the ancient years …

Words built on Hospitality, or otherwise, words built on Pomegranate.

5. The flavors

Navigate yourself through a world of flavors where textures are combined with freshness, where the fruits of the earth and the gastronomy meet concepts such as “religion, love, values, care, family” and exude these. Visit “Zeus”, the main restaurant, “Poseidon”, the seafood restaurant and “Hermes”, the gourmet restaurant and discover your very own hospitality storyworld made of divine tastes…

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“Poseidon”, the seafood restaurant

6. The emotions

The emotions that are evoked. Namely the reason why hospitality happens, the reason why hospitality has existed forever.

The emotions

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