The Most Useful Travel Tips for your Vacations in Halkidiki_Part 2

The Most Useful Travel Tips for your Vacations in Halkidiki-Part 2

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In the first article of this Travel Tips series, we touched on what to pack, what the particularities of the daily life at the sought-after destination of Halkidiki are, what logistical support is required to visit Mount Athos and stuff like that. In this second article we give you a couple more of useful travel tips for your vacations in Pomegranate and Halkidiki.

  1. Go foodie and go local. Try “tzatziki”, Greek salad (called “horiatiki” in Greek), “moussaka”, “pastitsio”, grilled fish and seafood. Always pair them with “ouzo”. It is no coincidence that the food scene in Halkidiki is so celebrated.
  2. Before starting to eat your appetizer or entrée, try Greek extra virgin oil and spread it on the bread; unmatchable taste.
  3. The emergency telephone numbers in Greece are 100 (Police) and 166 (Ambulance).
  4. You won’t need mobile data for your phone. Our Wi-Fi covers the entirety of the hotel and- the best part- is free of charge!
  5. Carry an additional credit card with you on the unlucky occasion that something goes awry. For instance, in case you lose your primary card. Well, sometimes vacations are dogged by misfortune. Preparedness and plan Bs save!
  6. Put your cultural pursuits on the agenda by meeting our Guest Relations department in the lobby, and by consulting them about sightseeing ideas and cultural events.
  7. Get a glimpse into the local life by visiting the picturesque villages of Athitos, Hanioti and Pefkochori.
  8. Tipping in Greece is not compulsory. However, if you are happy with the service provided, tips are welcome!
  9. Do not miss a single sunset. After dinner, sit near the pool and watch the cinematographic tangerine sky that will make you wish: May we always lived in the constellation of summer!
  10. Be an early bird and get the best price possible, whether this regards your flight tickets or your stay in your favorite luxury getaway in Halkidiki, Pomegranate.

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