The Pomegranate sunset

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Photo theme: The Pomegranate sunset

Longing to honor our valued guests and the unmatched Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel content that you upload on our resort’s social media, we thought of inaugurating a series of articles in which we will compile our favorite guests’ photos. The initial photo theme is the
Pomegranate sunset or, in other words, the otherworldly sunsets that you saw from a corner of our “house” and made you be all in raptures…

Photo courtesy of @ina_pansiuk
Photo courtesy of @valerichekanova
Photo courtesy of @ayamdam
The Pomegranate sunset
The Pomegranate sunset
The Pomegranate sunset
Photo courtesy of @ruzanna_zhiembetova
The Pomegranate sunset
Photo courtesy of @mi_mishell

Rose-colored sunsets and silver dusks at Pomegranate are de riguer. These are the corners of our resort ideal for basking in the sunset:
• This vista never gets old. Save your seat at the brand-new Pomegranate Roof Garden and relish in the scenic sight.
By or in the infinity pool. Especially during the last dive of the sun into the sea. This is where you are meant to be. • Cherish sunsets straight out of a fairytale at one of your favorite oceanfront suites:
• Take in unmatchable views to sublime sunsets while indulging yourself in fresh and authentic sashimi & maki roll at Zakuro, the brand-new sushi bar in Halkidiki.
• Navigate yourself through a world of senses while overlooking unique vistas and scarlet sunsets as seen from the pristine Pomegranate beach. A place that rejoices the heart…

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