Pomegranate’s Rule of Heartfelt Hospitality

In our effort to harness the rule of providing a heart-felt hospitality into the power of a story, namely into daily action and habit, we implement the following story trick:

If you watch our team, you will see that our employees place their name tag on the right side of their uniform and never on the left side where the heart is situated. The heart has to be visible without impediments in front of it. The heart has to be open.

This is not like a script. We do not tell our employees that they should stir up visceral reactions and powerful emotions to our guests; we remind them it through a daily practice. So every day when they get dressed in their uniforms and button their name tags, they do remember that hospitality is a matter of heart. Thus, every morning they revisit their psychological duty, their responsibility to serve guests intuitively from their hearts.

This is a powerful way to elicit the knowledge, to institutionalize a rule through a habit and concurrently in a tangible way (the name tag).  It is knowledge implicitly embodied in a symbolized, easily recollectable, account that cuts the cognitive load and demands less of the employees’ working memory.

Pomegranate’s name tag on the right side of the heart is a positive cues story that hotel employees are told and then hotel guests experience.

In other words, our team at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel are not given rules, they are given tools; the tool of habit, the tool of experience and what they afterwards and eventually give guests are heartfelt stories.

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