The Quality & Safety Control at Pomegranate

Beyond Paradisiac Vacation: The Quality & Safety Control at Pomegranate

While we recommend that our guests should stay young at heart, we do also recommend that they should stay safe. For that very reason, we enumerate, below, the actions that we take to ensure your safety during your sojourn in Pomegranate and Halkidiki.

  1. 89 of Halkidiki beaches received the “Blue Flag” accolade for the highest water quality.
  2. There is a resident doctor who is always in the hotel, immediately handling any medical request you may have.
  3. The lifeguards in the swimming pool and the beach.
  4. The use of the finest products in our food. The selectivity of the products is even enhanced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the fruits and vegetables that we use in our kitchen are sourced from our organic garden, situated between the two hotels of Portes Melathron Hotel group, namely Pomegranate and Potidea Palace. Each day, our Chef and the culinary team visit the garden to pick up the finest of the products and bring them to your table. In such a way, quality and freshness are ensured first-hand. In concert with the bio garden, products and techniques imported from Mount Athos create unparalleled flavors and thrill the taste.
  5. Speaking of safety and quality in food, there are two facts that epitomize these two values in the most illustrative way: A) the long salt & pepper shakers at the Gourmet Restaurant “Hermes”, that have been custom ordered to facilitate the waiter to keep a distance from the guest’s dish. B) The fact that the fish/ seafood that is served in Poseidon Taverna is every day sourced from the sea in front of Pomegranate and the fisherman directly purveys them to us. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the fishing boat in front of the resort, early in the morning.
  6. Following this rationale of safety and quality, our staff is trained to be agile to respond to your implicit and explicit needs. At the same time, the Pomegranate team is hired by personality in lieu of skills, as felt accountability is neither trained nor taught. It is only brought.
  7. What is more, quality is attained by the state-of-art equipment with which the hotel is outfitted, ranging from kitchen appliances to electrical systems.
  8. In addition to these, Afrodita Roa Spa has an attribute that renders it unique: the seawater swimming pool and the impressive waterfall in it, the water of which streams from a 50m depth fountain. Being designed with architectural acumen and a monadic mechanism, the swimming pool is able to pump seawater directly from the crystal-clear sea in front of the resort. The purest water that can be ever used in a spa.
  9. Lastly, the fact that Pomegranate was awarded with ISO 22000:2005. This is about a holistic Food Safety Management System, required for any organization in the food industry, which audits food safety standards, controls food safety hazards and monitors statutory, regulation and legislation permeating all the operational areas of the food supply chain. Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, awarded with this high accomplishment, manifests its top-notch food manufacturing best practices, verifying that food safety both during its production and at the time of consumption is a prioritized goal of the company. ISO 22000, enfolding also HACCP principles, validates this paramount attention and importance that we ascribe in producing and serving safe food to our guests and employees.

All in all, stay young at Pomegranate but firstly, stay safe! We cater for you.

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