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Hotel Features That We Loved

We did our research and present your hotel features that we loved. How is a hotel engineering surprise elements into the hospitality experience that it offers? Representative examples, below, expound.

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

Halkidiki, Greece

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

In the dining venues of the hotel, the Greek flavor is redefined with local touches, Mediterranean flavors, and gastronomic imagination. The long salt & pepper shakers make quite an impression in the Gourmet Restaurant “Hermes”, shakers that were customized to facilitate the waiter to keep a distance from the guest’s plate.
The management of the hotel, reflective of creating the most upscale, luxury dining experience, decided to introduce guests to this innovative way of seasoning a dish. Moreover, such a practice mirrors the principles of Pomegranate hospitality: respect for the guest, loyalty, service excellence, understanding of your implicit and explicit needs, and stuffing your eyes with a sense of wonder.
In “Hermes,” the guest can enjoy a special ritual with products and techniques imported from Mount Athos. Besides, the restaurant is situated in an upper space (1st floor of the main building of the hotel) that faces the autonomous theocratic polity of Athos.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, USA

Liljenvall and Dziewiecka (2010, p. 23), citing Williams (2006), describe how a mundane hotel service, a wake-up call service, is enriched with the experiential marketing principles and thus transformed to the stage of a mesmerizing event: “Williams gives the example of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino providing a simple hospitality experiential marketing tactic: instead of delivering a standard wake-up call to its guests, they provide a memorable experience by awakening guests with recorded voices of celebrities who have performed there recently.”

Savoy Hotel London

London, UK

Another elucidative example of an experiential feature in the hospitality industry is the pop-up cocktail menu of the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Savoy Hotel London
Image: Savoy Hotel London.

Savoy Hotel redesigns its strategic orientation towards an experience economy basis of consumer offering, transforming a prosaic cocktail menu into a storytelling work of art. Both of these latter examples employ an experiential marketing approach, conveying its transformational power and leveraging traditional hospitality services such as the wakeup call service and the hotel bar menu to extraordinary, memorable experiences.

Rancho Santana


Rancho Santana

Rancho Santana is a resort and residential community, with “rustic elegance,” situated on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It is a world-class surfing getaway due to the geographical singularity of the area as it is one of the only isthmuses on the entire Pacific Ocean. The Rancho Santana experience is delineated by a) off-property excursions to sites exclusive to Nicaragua, like walking on an active volcano, and b) on-site experiences such as monkey scouting, birdwatching, experienced local guides, weekly BBQs with the local community, and the fact that the ranch lays inside the tropical dry forest. In addition to these, there is an art gallery that exhibits art pieces crafted solely by Latin American artists, there are no TVs, and the ranch is a bit cut off from the world, while guests are instructed to keep their doors closed due to the wildlife that may enter their rooms.

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