Your very own #PomegranateStory


In hospitality our job is to create compelling stories meaning unique, personalized and emotional stories.

Lewis once called stories love gifts and indeed they are as when we narrate a story we devote time of our lives to a person whom we find important to spend time with. Story is what we do everyday on Facebook and on Instagram and story is also what we do in the business of dating (Esler 2012, p.1), when we introduce ourselves and when we sell a product.

Hospitality is a story.

In hospitality we do sell an experience, namely a story.


Concurrently, emotionality is the ultimate competitive advantage in Hospitality.

The real value of stories is the emotions that they do carry.

“Chances are, the stories that stay with you also make you cry-or laugh-or get angry. The strong emotions make them memorable” Harvard Business Review.

Emotions work because they are very basic biological mechanisms of humans. When a hotel works properly, it employs its intangible toolbox and is linked to the emotional goals that each guest has.

According to Harvard, customers who are “emotionally connected” are the highest level of consumer. Emotional connection is what is achieved when we manage to capture the heart of the client. It is a more unconscious, rather than conscious, situation in which the customer keeps buying because he wants it, because he feels unique and because he comes closer to what he wants to be as a human.

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel is a hotel that materializes this intangible emotion and hospitality experience.

Its stories are many.

One of them is the story regarding the 12 Kinder joint eggs that were delivered from Russia within four hours by airplane. A family who was holidaying at the hotel had a tradition to give each year its child kinder joint eggs analogous to the kid’s age. That year when the child turned 12 years old, due to a mistake made by the housekeeping department, the eggs melted and the hotel manager, as he could not find any Kinder joint eggs in the heart of the summer in Greece, organized to deliver 12 such eggs from Russia within 4 hours.

This is just one of the stories that make our Pomegranate tale and this is a story that we love.

What’s yours #PomegranateStory?

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