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Sophia welcomes you every day in a hearty manner to our hospitality storyworld. For her, Hospitality is the bond that grows in intimate moments between guests and hotel professionals; a gorgeous tale that Greece gives centuries now with its beautiful ancient hands.

Recently, the prestigious hospitality management university Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, canvassed the emotional dimension of the hospitality experience in two scenarios: “The Emotional Experience: High Tech VS High Touch”.

The two scenarios:


Regarding the “high touch” scenario that is related to the felt accountability is written:

 “Emotions are key to decoding human decisions as they are strong motivational forces that shape decision-making processes.”

At the same time, the Harvard Business Review (ΗΒR) “The New Science of Customer Emotions” article discusses the High Impact Emotional Motivators. One of them is to “Feel a sense of belonging”, which means to feel part of a team, to allow your customer forge a bond with the people that he relates to or to tie relationships with the people that he aspires to be like.

So, it remains a challenge to think of the emotional motivators that we use in the experience that we offer, to increase them and to maximize their intensity. Besides, this is the raison d’être of Tourism: to feel and to make your teams/employees and guests to feel.

The goal is explicit: Conceptualize the purpose that our company serves as an emotion and then conceptualize the purpose that our employees serve in the company. In this way they live their impact, they see how they affect the customer, they experience what the mindset of felt accountability is and how it feels.

We could not put it in a greatest way other than Chip Conley’s beautiful line regarding leading a hospitality corporation: “CEOs are Chief Emotions Officers; because I think more than anything what we need to understand as leaders is how do we motivate our people. And how do we satisfy our guests? And behind both of those is understanding their needs.”

What was the last thing that you dreamt of? What was the last thing that you felt?

This is the crux, the central tenet of emotions, hospitality and Pomegranate style.

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