Top 5 Traits of Our Team

The vast majority of our Trip Advisor page concerns the attributes of our personnel. Unwavering attention to detail, professionalism, sophisticated taste and upholding a culture of high service standards are the core values of the company and team members. In this article, we have enumerated the core five traits of our team.

Smiling and Friendly

The high correlation between smiling and customer satisfaction is a topic well explored and evinced (Söderlund and Rosengren, 2008). Besides, it is a well-known neuroscience fact, to talk about our stance with scientific underpinnings too, that people prefer amiability and the smiling faces. Smiling is contagious and this is something we know in our bones at Pomegranate. Apart from that, “a smile alone doesn’t guarantee excellent customer service, but excellent customer service almost always starts with a smile”, as Kaan Turnali, Brand Contributor at Forbes, beautifully opines.

Helpful to guests and to one another

While being helpful to guests is the crux of our team’s personalities, being helpful to one another is an equally paramount trait of our employees. In fact, we have seen on many occasions people stepping out of their normal role to give assistance to their teammates. This is highly predicated on the teamwork model that our team has operationalized.

A (hotel) team can operate either in teams (the business goal is achieved through collaboration) or in groups (the business goal is achieved through execution). Among these two models of teamwork, the groups and the teams, our 5-star staff opts for the former option. In such a manner, the employees coordinate the work amongst themselves, in lieu of having the workload synchronized by a manager (i.e. the coordination is done by someone else for them). As a corollary, this engenders joy, community, a peer-driven culture, empathy, and rapport. In other words, our team, having embraced this helpfulness characteristic, has managed to create a coveted environment of teamwork. With this, collegiality, peer coaching, knowledge sharing, trust relationships, collaborative culture, social togetherness and the sense of belonging have permeated the organizational life of our hotel.


This corroborates the opinion that “ideally, people in the service industry should not act one way with customers and a different way behind the scenes” (Hoffman, 2014).


For us, hospitality is a matter of heart and this is our very first principle. And this is manifested at every occasion: from thoughtful touches like housekeeping towel art for our newly-weds guests to preparing birthday surprises for every single guest who celebrates his birthday during his sojourn at our resort. This is our culture. A culture of true believers of Hospitality.


An illustrating example of our absolute professionalism is the story with the 12 Kinder joint eggs; when we remedied a mistake we had made at mind-boggling speed.

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