The secrets of Pomegranate’s success

Photo credits: @frozenkati (Instagram)

  1. We master the art of welcoming. Many a time, guests at several hotels around the world get confused, being unable to find their room after the check-in. This happens, principally, because the bellboys escort the guests only till the elevator. At 5-star hotels, for example, in Marriot hotels, the bellboys walk the guests to their room, resolving this problem. This welcoming experience is an “augmented product”, an “intangible” that gives the differentiation. At Pomegranate, we expand this concept and meaning of welcoming: After the completion of check-in, a member of the Guest Relations team walks the guest to his room. During this walk, the Guest Relations lady navigates the guest through the main buildings and facilities of the resort and explicates the amenities and features of the room.
  2. The management that lets the team understand the impact of their work. This is achieved by initiating a culture of reward and by discussing every story that a member of the team accomplished and excited a guest.
  3. The experiences, the epitome of which is the Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel’s music fountain. This offers the opportunity for a personalized song written solely for your bespoke private event (birthday, wedding, engagement, etc.); an aquatic choreography, a European innovation- signature software & hardware patented technology- with the capacity of video projection on the water and enriched with 3D patterns, holograms as well as a mesmerizing laser show.
  4. The baby food. This is prepared upon your order, free of charge, every day, and either it is delivered to your room or it is served at one of our restaurants. This is only one of a swarm of actions that manifest that it is our priority to cater for mothers and their babies.
  5. The greeting by the Chef and his team who stand along the entrance of the main restaurant Zeus when doors open at 19.00 for dinner. The culinary team greets the guests and during the dinner, they are around to receive feedback and to unravel the secrets of their dishes.
  6. The logistical support offered by the Guest Relations team well in advance of the guests’ stay. By way of illustration, the guests’ transfer arrangement from and to the hotel, months before their stay. This allows our valued guests to be in a vacation nirvana without having to worry about the organization of their holidays.
  7. The housekeeping service which is peerless; a trademark of Pomegranate hospitality. The housekeeping ladies provide turndown service (namely cleaning-housekeeping service) twice a day. In fact, at the evening turndown service, our effervescent and congenial ladies place a chocolate confection on top of the pillows in the bed; their own way to wish you goodnight. Along with this thoughtful gesture, expect cave-dark sleeping environment, having been created with blackout curtains. Sleep tight!
  8. Last but not least, the benevolent smiles of our team that set our hospitality apart.

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