Breakfast bliss

Guests photos that we loved

Photo theme: The Pomegranate culinary scene

Longing to honor our valued guests and the unmatched Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel content that you upload on our resort’s social media, we thought of inaugurating a series of articles in which we will compile our favorite guests’ photos. The second photo theme is the Pomegranate culinary scene… Assiduously seeking the perfection of taste and the gastronomic exquisiteness, our culinary team has created a farm-to-table, nutrient-dense menu that celebrates the local flavor, and excites health-conscious eaters and foodies.

Heaven tier breakfast by your private swimming pool and under the shimmering sun ☕️🥐
private swimming pool
Photo courtesy of  @vacations_freak (on Instagram)
Indulge yourself in our signature smoked octopus carpaccio 🍽
smoked octopus carpaccio
Photo courtesy of @sergeikoss (on Instagram)
Savour the good life 🍴
Mouthwatering salmon with mesclun, salad, mango, tomato, cucumber and celery water.
Savour the good life
Photo courtesy of @antoniijah (on Instagram)
A special meal on Ash Monday. Forbes Contributor @depesha (on Instagram) captures his six-course Greek seafood tasting dinner at our resident restaurant Hermes.
six course Greek seafood tasting dinner
Forbes Contributor @depesha (on Instagram)
It’s breakfast time at Pomegranate! ☕🍧🍉🍇
Its breakfast time at Pomegranate
Photo courtesy of  @lilijalukjanska (on Instagram)
If only we could freeze time🍷💙🍽
If only we could freeze time
Photo courtesy of @dimastar97 (on Instagram)
Our Executive Chef and his team promise to turn every meal into festivity.
Our Executive Chef
Photo courtesy of @zolotya_ (on Instagram)
Champagne breakfast! Because it’s the weekend! 
Champagne breakfast
Photo courtesy of  @valerichekanova (on Instagram)
The gifts of the sea in your dish at our Main Restaurant, “Zeus”.
The gifts of the sea
Photo courtesy of  @angelsfashionejk (on Instagram)
Breakfast bliss!
Breakfast bliss
Photo courtesy of  @sofialukjanska (on Instagram)
Tasty Greek nibbles with baked eggplant, tzatziki, taram, pita and feta. Indulge yourself in it at Poseidon, our Seafood Restaurant.
Poseidon, our Seafood Restaurant
Photo courtesy of  @stellar.lifes (on Instagram)
Savour every single moment of your holidays… Delectable lobster at Poseidon, our Seafood Restaurant 🦂🍴
Delectable lobster at Poseidon, our Seafood Restaurant 
Photo courtesy of  @belozerovagalina (on Instagram)

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