The advent of the Interactive Voice Control Pomegranate Royal Suites

How would it be to stay in one of the most tech-savvy hotel rooms in Europe where you can control with your voice every function of the room such as the lights, curtains, thermostat, music, TV and in your own language? We are thrilled to announce the advent of the Interactive Voice Control Pomegranate Royal Suites! Enjoy this brand-new Pomegranate tech ride:

Now with the voice control, our guest can not only control with his voice the entirety of the functions of the suite such as the lights, curtains, blinds, air conditioning, music, TV but he can also employ voice commands to activate scenarios that enfold multi-step rituals such as:

  • Scenario “Good morning” in which the lights are turned on, relaxing music starts playing and the curtains open,
  • Scenario “Good night” in which all the lights and TVs are turned off and the curtains close,
  • Scenario: “Relax time” in which the dimmable lights are turned low and soft music commences playing etc.

In particular, upon check in, the guest receives in his cell phone a notification pertinent to these functions. He accepts the invitation and automatically he starts to vocally control his room during his sojourn at the hotel! This system is compatible with Siri for IOS devices, Google Assistant for Android and Amazon’s Alexa. “

By dint of this high-tech feature, the guest, first and foremost, saves time since statistics have demonstrated that the average guest loses 12 to 15 minutes in a hotel until he figures out how to operate his room thermostat.

Over and above that, the Interactive Voice Control of the Pomegranate Royal Suites culminate in transforming the guest’s experience into the most refined, luxurious version of hospitality. Moreover, the daily ritualistic patterns of our everyday homes feel worlds away and an unforgettable personalized experience is created.

Welcome to a world steeped in hospitality innovation! Welcome to the brand-new Pomegranate!

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